Dr. Supriya Blair, PsyD

I am a New York State licensed clinical psychologist. I offer individual telehealth therapy services to adults and currently serve residents in New York State.

My wish for you is that you learn to empower yourself, love yourself, and give more by becoming more balanced.

Allow more room for joy in your life. Turning over a new leaf begins when you learn to say yes to yourself!

One Step. One Change

Philosophy of Healing:

Healing occurs within the context of relationships: our connection to self, others, a value or moral code, or the universe/higher spirit.

A lotus flower is a wonderful representation of the healing spirit. A lotus flower slowly blooms out of muddy, murky water. It illustrates how beauty can arise out of darkness and add strength to our character despite adversity.

As we lean into areas of discomfort and pain, strength to stand up to our fears and blossom into a more authentic version of ourselves becomes possible.

Therapy with Me:

Warmth, empathy, and acceptance are universal traits that are healing. It is with these same ingredients that I invite you to share your successes and challenges with me. When we’re able to develop a trusting, meaningful therapeutic relationship, your courage to take small steps opens up the door for impactful changes.

I will collaborate with you throughout our work together, integrating mindfulness, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) practices. Therapy services are individualized, tailored to each client and rooted in a strengths-based approach.

I support people’s inner abilities to grow and heal. I recognize sometimes we need professional support along the way to foster understanding and facilitate change.

Why I Chose Psychology:

I’ve always been drawn to people. Curious as to why we do the things we do. Why we choose the choices we choose. And why we find ourselves in repeating patterns. As a teenager, I found some joy when someone felt comforted by a listening ear or encouraged by a thoughtful response. I remembered feeling I was on to something good!

I’ve also been touched by kindness, hurt, longing, and healing in my own life. I’ve learned that all of our stories weave together tales of adventure, pain, success, blocks, breakthroughs, light, stumbles, cravings, love, confusion, meaning, and acceptance. As a supporter of celebrating humanness and making conscious choices, I’ve found clinical psychology to be the career path for me. It has been truly rewarding.

And I would be honored to share your journey with you, as you navigate shifting chapters in your own life.

About You:

If you are…

  • Invested in your mental-physical-spiritual health
  • Open-minded and think outside the box
  • Interested in new ways of expressing yourself
  • Collaboratively enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Self-reflective
  • Resilient and pro-active
  • Curious about who you are
  • Ready to challenge yourself
  • Unafraid of showing your true self
  • Willing to give yourself the gift of therapy because you know you’re worth it…

then we should talk.