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Dr. Supriya Blair, PsyD

“Enhancing our connection with ourselves is pivotal in how we deal with relationships and situations outside of us. This is why I work wholly with individuals in therapy. I teach adults how to think, not what to think. Empowerment is my main goal as a holistic healthcare provider: helping clients refine, define, and tune into their mind-body-spirit needs.”


Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Supriya believes that healing occurs within the context of relationships: our connection to Self, others, a value or moral code, and the universe/Higher spirit.

A lotus flower is a wonderful representation of the healing spirit. A lotus flower slowly blooms out of muddy, murky water. It illustrates how beauty can arise out of darkness and add strength to our character despite adversity.

As you lean into areas of discomfort and pain, strength to stand up to your fears and blossom into a more authentic version of yourself becomes possible.

Teletherapy with Me

Any growth or changes you make, require investment, commitment, and doing the work. I have found people who get the most out of therapy, put in the most: showing openness to their own experience, receptiveness to feedback, willingness  to step outside of their comfort zone, ability to celebrate their successes, motivation to bridge gaps in thought, emotion, and behavioral responses, and honest dialogue. Therapy is a process of change. Being open, committed, and reflective are very important in this work.

Dr. Supriya collaborates with her clients throughout the entire therapy process, incorporating psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and positive psychology practices. In addition, she uses a spiritual lens by looking at faith and value-based systems, spiritual connectedness, and yogic principles. Dr. Supriya looks at you through a mind-body-spirit lens as you collaborate toward change, growth, and healing.

Meet Dr. Supriya

Why Holistic Therapy

“I’ve always been intrigued by people and drawn to patterns. Curious as to why we do the things we do. Why we pick the choices we choose. And why we find ourselves in repeating patterns. As a teenager, I found some joy when someone felt encouraged by a thoughtful response and when witnessing someone’s a-ha moment.

I’ve also been touched by kindness, hurt, longing, and healing in my own life. I’ve learned that all of our stories weave together tales of adventure, pain, success, blocks, breakthroughs, light, stumbles, cravings, love, confusion, meaning, and acceptance. My path into holistic health really began when I sought to find the missing link in my mind-body-spirit wellness journey: my connection to my Self…

Writing, especially poetry, has been a powerful outlet for me since high school. I write as an expression of Joy; when I’m at peace; when emotions feel too big; when thoughts pull me in different directions; when I need to remind myself to honor and stay in my own incredible lane in this Big World.

But most importantly, my love for psychology, holistic health, writing and sharing it with others began when I learned to love myself for how my Divine Maker created me.

As a supporter of celebrating humanness and making conscious choices, I’ve found psychology and holistic health and wellness to be both, the personal and career path for me. It has been truly rewarding and I look forward to helping you navigate shifting chapters in your own life.”

Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Upstate New York
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If you are…
• Invested in your mental-physical-spiritual health
• Open-minded and think outside the box
• Interested in new ways of expressing yourself
• Creative
• Self-reflective
• Resilient and proactive
• Curious about who you are
• Ready to challenge yourself
• Aware of the importance of taking responsiblity for your own life choices
• Willing to give yourself the gift of therapy because you know you’re worth it…

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Dr. Supriya Blair is a licensed clinical psychologist currently providing holistic telehealth therapy services to residents across New York State.

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