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Hello! Thank you for finding your way here. You’re likely here if you’ve been searching for holistic therapy services in New York State. Holistic therapy focuses on all of you: your mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. For some, this means healing childhood wounds. For others, it means gaining more confidence to live your best life. The beauty of therapy is that individuals from all walks of life find their way into the therapy room.

As someone who has walked the walk, healing does not occur in isolation. In fact, asking for help, sharing your story, and taking steps toward leading a more abundant life is a sign of true strength.

Psychoeducation is one of my favorite parts of therapy: teaching the art and skill of thinking. As an integrationist, I draw from Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and psychodynamic approaches.

You are a multidimensional being with unique gifts, strengths, challenges, and areas of growth, so let’s look at all of those. If what you’re looking for is something I can help you with, here’s a place where you can work with me, one-to-one, toward improving and growing your holistic health. So whether you are in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, or in New York City, we can meet online anywhere in New York State you are.

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Meet Dr. Supriya

Dr. Supriya is a New York State licensed clinical psychologist. She offers holistic telehealth therapy services to adults and currently serves residents in New York State. Her wish is for people to learn to empower and love themselves, and allow more room for joy in their lives. Dr. Supriya believes that turning over a new leaf begins when we say yes to ourselves.

Meet Dr. Supriya

Mind-Body-Spirit Therapy

Dr. Supriya specializes in holistic health, focused on caring for mind, body, and spiritual wellness. She collaborates with her clients integrating mindfulness, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) practices. Telehealth therapy services are tailored to each client and rooted in a strengths-based approach to best support individuals’ inner abilities to grow and heal.

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Little Leaves of Wisdom

Dr. Supriya spreads wellness through writing, emphasizing mindfulness, writing exercises, short stories, self-care, and poetry.

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Dr. Supriya Blair is a licensed clinical psychologist currently providing holistic telehealth therapy services to residents across New York State.

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